Visa Pit Stop Celebrates Immigrant Heritage Month 2017

June 2, 2017

Visa Pit Stop is excited to celebrate Immigrant Heritage Month June 2017 by supporting the #IStandWithImmigrants Campaign.  Our sponsoring law firm, Accel Visa Attorneys, PC is Signatory Partner for the #IStandWithImmigrants Campaign.  Managing Attorney Ann Cun is a former war refugee, an immigrant to the U.S., and a community volunteer.You don’t have to be an immigrant to reflect on the many ways immigration has shaped and changed the U.S.  There are many ways to show your support of immigrants in this country.  The simplest form is just through active listening and showing empathy for the plight of others.Many times, in local conversations, it’s easy for folks to inject “I support immigration, but only for those who came legally.”  The reality though, is that the U.S. immigration system is so convoluted.  You could have legal status one day and lose it the next.  You could have no status upon entry but gain legal status at a future date.  It may even surprise people to learn that less than 100 years ago, unless you were a citizen of China, you could emigrate to the U.S. easily.  In fact, with the exception of Chinese exclusionary laws, immigration quotas based on nationality was not enacted until 1920.  It is therefore very disconcerting the way our existing immigration framework has evolved from 100 years ago.  In fact, as our current Presdient might even call it, "It's been a disaster!"
  • An individual can enter the U.S. legally for employment, and through no fault of her own, find herself out of status.
  • Folks may arrive without documentation, or the wrong documentation, seeking refuge in the U.S., yet be able to apply for permanent legal status.
  • An individual can enter the U.S. without proper documentation, yet be able to apply for permanent legal status through family sponsorship.
  • For young children brought to this country, the U.S. is the only country they have known. Our federal laws require that states provide them with an education.
  • Farmers consistently finds themselves in a maze of immigration rules that make it impossible to hire enough workers to harvest at the right time of the season.
  • For work-based sponsorship, Chinese and Indian foreigners consistently have to wait years for a greencard while their counterparts from other countries have little to no waiting periods.
  • For family-based sponsorship, individuals from Mexico and Asian countries consistently must wait decades, as compared to their counterparts from the rest of the world who have little to no waiting periods.
Looking at the history of how the U.S. was founded by immigrants, it is astonishing 2017 marks only the fourth annual celebration of Immigrant Heritage Month!  This country was founded by immigrants.  Immigrants contribute in many ways to our U.S. economy, community and values.  We at Visa Pit Stop and Accel Visa Attorneys, PC are excited to stand up with immigrants and show our support for the many contributions by immigrants in this country!
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